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Grow Castle v1.15.6 + Mod – unique and popular castle defense game on Android
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Grow Castle of the most popular and most widely Games category arcade on Google Play, the Game Studios RAON GAMES for devices running Android that is for free and up to this moment more than 5 million times by Android users around the globe and now to request your guest and we always intend to introduce it! In this game you have only one purpose, to protect the castle against the enemy attack! To promote the region and build forces to create the strongest possible building! Area that struggles Grow Castle in the unfolding of several different sections are formed, each according to their position forces are, for example, the rear bow iDevice and heroes to the castle, had taken refuge from their enemies storm! The castle can either make different military buildings, the spread between the forces and buildings has led to Grow Castle spend hours of your time! Unlike all games repetitive style, Grow Castle by combining the castle defense genre and role-playing arcade games for you to experience undoubtedly brings! This game has an addictive gameplay, great design with amazing graphics, sound exciting, good touch controls and excellent build without doubt the transfix you for hours on the phone!

Grow Castle Android Games

Game Grow Castle is now in the Play Store Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 that we apkrevel the latest version along mode for the download have no doubt you will win! Grow Castle in the game heroes with different powers and click on it can pave the path to victory, with different heroes abilities to players depending on their strategies, choose their characters! To what end should we say these days castle defense game lost its past charm and very few games of this genre, we see that to succeed! Grow Castle have new blood vessels to “defend the castle” inject, if the stereotype of the castle defense genre’re tired and want an exciting experience, Grow Castle do! You can see the first screenshots of the game and feel free to download the game, you take action.

Changes in version v1.15.6:

* Daily events + optimizations and fixes problems with the game.




Mode version features:

– Infinitely coin

– Diamond Infinity

– Skill Points Infinity




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